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Homeless in China (And Other Genius Moves)

20 May


Ni hao!

I am sorry for the lack of communication recently but work has taken over my life!  That being said, I am starting to get into more of a flow with my schedule—so I’ll try to be a better blogger.

Do You Have Your Keys?

So on Wednesday we were winding down after a long day of sight seeing and errands, when we realized we were out of drinking water. This meant dragging ourselves off the couch to go down to the convenience store for a jug.

As we left the apartment I asked Ami, “do you have your keys?” He said that he did, so I swung the door closed. The sound of the automatic lock clicking shut was immediately followed by Ami muttering, “uhh, actually I don’t have it.”

“You’re kidding, right!?!?” Continue reading