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4 Reasons Why Our Chinese Home Beats Our Vancouver Apartment

12 Jun

Ni hao!

Some people have been asking me about our new apartment in Shanghai so I thought I’d explain why we love love it!

Apartment Hunting In Shanghai

The apartment hunt started a few short days after landing in Shanghai, and our initial search was incredibly disappointing. The first places we saw were very ghetto-esque, with filthy buildings and dingy apartments the size of bread boxes.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, work quickly became too intensive for me to continue house hunting; so Ami had to go it on his own. Luckily, his solo search was successful and he found our apartment within five days of our arrival!

With me occupied at work, Ami was forced to sign our lease before I had seen our new home, but I was over the moon with the place he had chosen as soon as I stepped foot inside.

This new place is much nicer than our past apartment in Vancouver, and we’d love to find a space just like it when we come back to Canada.

Here’s why we love it: Continue reading