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Week One

26 Apr

I can’t believe tomorrow will mark one week since we left Vancouver.

We are starting to get more used to the crazy traffic in Shanghai: the families of three or four riding motorbikes, how buses drive crazy fast, and how people use their horns constantly- not as a sign of anger-more for safety as a way to let other people know they’re there. Continue reading


Arrived in Shanghai!

19 Apr

Metro station in Xijiahui


We have finally begun our adventure to Shanghai and it still doesn’t feel completely real…Ami and I keep looking at each other and laughing out loud every now and again and saying ” I can’t believe we’re actually in China!”

It’s just so crazy it’s hard for us to get over.

Our flight went relatively smoothly-our first flight was delayed by two hours so we left Vancouver at 4:30am.  A new connecting flight had to be arranged as we were stopping over in Hong Kong and only had a two hour stop over.  Then, once we got to Hong Kong, we just barely made our connecting flight- a stewardess hurried us along into the bowels of the HK airport and got us there five minutes before take off.

Needless to say…our luggage didn’t quite make it. Continue reading