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60 Photos of Hong Kong (And 3 Pleasant Surprises)

15 Nov
by Ami Sanyal

The last few months have been eventful—packed with ups and downs. The highlight reel includes an arduous (but successful) job hunt to find Cecily a new teaching position, and the abrupt expiration of our visas.

Renewing our visas meant we needed to make our first journey to Hong Kong. We decided to treat it like a quasi-vacation and spread the trip over six days at the end of August.

To be honest, we weren’t expecting a whole lot out of Hong Kong, but we were pleasantly surprised. Read on to learn more and see images of:

  • Hong Kong streets
  • Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail
  • Views of Shek-O
  • Tian Tan (The Big Buddha)
  • The Po Lin Monastery
  • Mong Kok
  • Victoria Peak
  • Lan Kwai Fong
  • and our overall impression of Hong Kong Continue reading

A Typhoon in Shanghai: Photos and Preparation Tips

8 Aug

China has been hit by three typhoons in the past week—but Hǎikuí is the first to put Shanghai on it’s highest storm alert. The storm has caused extreme flooding in the Phillipines, and 374,000 people were evacuated from Shanghai’s coast.

The storm gave Cecily a day off work, but we still had to (briefly) brave the storm—so I took the opportunity to document the effects of the 150 km winds and torrential rain. Continue reading

30 Photographs of Anji: Bamboo Groves from ‘Crouching Tiger’

7 Aug
by Ami Sanyal

A few weeks ago EF took it’s staff on an overnight trip to Anji. I rode along with Cecily and fell in love with the endless bamboo groves which served as the backdrop for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

We spent most of our time exploring the hilly forests—and fit in some rafting and a bit of partying as well. Here are 30 images from our trip, as well as our impression of Anji. Continue reading

50 Photographs of Suzhou: The Venice of the China

10 Jul
by Ami Sanyal

One of the best features of living in Shanghai is that we can take quick trips to many nearby cities and countries. Here are 50 images from our first venture out of Shanghai.

This post includes:

  • Traveling to Suzhou
  • The Suzhou Calm Garden
  • A tour of a Suzhou silk factory
  • The Beisi Pagoda
  • Life on the canals
  • and our overall impression of Suzhou

Continue reading