The Darker Side of Teaching, Nightlife and Food in Shanghai

24 May


I am enjoying the weather today in Shanghai. It is cool and rainy and it is reminding me of Vancouver which makes me happy.

Beware of Wrath

I am slowly adjusting to teaching ESL at English First.  While most of my students are well behaved, I have one difficult fourteen year old that caused me a lot of frustration last week.

He’s a typical teenage boy—too cool for school and wanting attention from his classmates. This particular lesson he was disturbing the class with his crazy high giggle. After a few warnings I finally asked him to change seats.

When he refused I had to threaten sending his parents an update about his behavior. I was surprised at how intimidating my own wrath could be—I never knew I had it in me!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like getting stern with students—but this boy’s behavior has since improved drastically. At least it was effective!

Ami Get’s Violated

I am enjoying socializing with my new coworkers and friends on my “weekends” (Tuesday and Wednesday).  We have been to a few venues and even on weekdays many places seem to be pretty packed (Shanghai is well known for it’s nightlife).

Last Wednesday we visited an nice little salsa club called Mural and had a lot of fun! There was a South American band and everyone there seemed to be professional salsa dancers (except our group of course).

Things got a bit strange when an odd woman started hugging Ami from behind. Ami was caught off guard by the stealth-attack hug and clearly rejected the woman’s advances. But she still wasn’t getting the hint.

I decided the best thing to do was to pull him towards me—but the woman just wrapped her arms around both of us and squeezed my butt! And that’s when we decided it was time to go.

Late Night Cravings

Most times, street food hits the spot—and I love how cheap it is. But after a night on the town I’m desperate for a slice of pizza—the other night all I could find were duck heads or bits of meat that had spent the day under a heat lamp.

Gotta get Pizza Hut’s number in my phone for next time.

Also on the topic of food, occasionally Ami and I order an ‘unexpected’ dish. Hence, the chicken foot surprise that came along the other night for dinner. I couldn’t make myself try it it but then, Ami is made of stronger stuff then me!!

Zai jian,



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